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Trusted Orange County Engineering Contractor For More Than Thirty-Five Years.

Caliagua is trusted and respected in the Southern California market place for our engineering and contracting work in water and waste water treatment.  We’ve developed this position over more than thirty-five years of focused, reliable work in our field.   Our portfolio of completed projects speaks for our commitment to detail, precision and professionalism that you can rely on.  We specialize in the construction of pumping stations, sewage lift stations.  For more details, please review our project history gallery.

We combine seasoned, tested and proven skills in engineering, analysis, budgeting, cost accounting and project management to deliver superlative results.  Every project we do is based on our absolute commitment to reliable construction that ends on-budget and on-time.  When you receive a proposal from Caliagua, you can be sure we’ve already built your project in our minds – step by step, day by day, dollar by dollar – relying on our over thirty-five in the business to inform a custom proposal you can be confident we will deliver.

Previous Work History
“As Caliagua Principal, Gus was SPR (Steve P. Rados Inc.) subcontractor on a fast track DWR project. Gus was on site regularly and solved all technical problems directly himself. He knew every detail of the project, he takes responsibility, and is a true on-site problem solver/decision maker.”
Frederix Doucedame- Project Manager/Estimator, Steve Prados Inc.
“As the representative of Caliauga inc., Gus makes every effort to provide not only the elements of the contract he is responsible for, but he also tries (and usually succeeds, to my knowledge) to provide a finished product that the client and Caliagua can both be proud of. Gus places great emphasis on the fact that “no shortcuts” be taken.”
Deniss Dembik - Construction Manager, Harris & Associates


Water & Waste Treatment Facilities