Storm Drain Pump Stations

Pumping stations are required in every potable water distribution system, and a sustainable source of potable water with suitable pressure to meet the meet demands of the distribution is required by every water agency serving the demands of their customers. Capital investments and requirements to both construct and maintain these important elements of the regions potable water infrastructure are high. Therefore, it is very important that Pump Stations have the an optimum level of performance and efficiency. To guarantee the highest level or performance and water quality, water agencies throughout the region choose engineering contractors such as CALIAGUA, INC. with the experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver the necessary water distribution facilities required by agencies, and meet the ongoing demands of the public and business communities.

Caliagua has been a trusted general engineering contractor meeting the water and wastewater needs of both the private and public sectors through mechanical construction services since 1978.  We are licensed to build and install industrial boilers, cooling towers, monitor and control systems.  Our engineering and construction skills are demonstrated in ecologically sound wastewater treatment systems and water reclamation projects from pumping stations to hydro-generation plants.